Ultimate Excursions…

…is an arrested development coming-of-age story.

Seeking a respite from the stresses of Peace Corps life in rural Ecuador, Tim Lake embarks on a vacation to Peru with a troubled fellow volunteer. But what Tim believes is an innocent journey devolves into chaos. When a Peace Corps official insists on covering up the ensuing mess and its deadly consequences, Tim must confront his own cowardice, complicity, and culpability. After wallowing for a decade, circumstances force him into a reckoning, and a voyage toward redemption.

As Tim stumbles upon hidden truths about the ill-fated trip, Ultimate Excursions takes a shocking, 90-degree turn that will keep readers transfixed. At once gripping, darkly funny, and ultimately redemptive, Ultimate Excursions is part picaresque, part thriller, and part meditation on what makes us tick as human beings.

Watch a promotional video shot by my buddy Scott Kinnamon:

New West

“Gottlieb has a solid story here with plenty of interesting elements…There are nice surprises scattered throughout…Those who stay with Ultimate Excursions will be pleasantly rewarded.”

Rocky Mountain News

calls “Ultimate Excursions” “a compelling and engrossing tale.”

Denver Post

“He writes with intensity, and parts are so vivid they make the reader uncomfortable. The characters are unique, and their individual stories keep the novel interesting. We are sure to see more from Gottlieb in the future.”


“…this book is not about complete redemption – it’s about showing what forces people into the lives they’ve made and how hard it can be to break away. The ultimate excursion referred is not across continents, but the journey inside Tim’s head, a journey that makes a moody and utterly enthralling thriller.”

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